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Laurent NAOURI, voice
Manuel ROCHEMAN, piano

Jazz duet for voice and piano 

This unusual jazz duet brings together one of France's greatest lyric voices, lyric baritone with the voice of crooner Laurent Naouri and pianist Manuel Rocheman, extraordinary jazz pianist and sole recognized heir to Martial Solal. Together, they sails on a universe that mixes American jazz and Brazilian influences.
Programme #1 A tribute to Bill Evans 
Programme #2 A tribute to Mel Tormé 
Programme #3 Concert lecture jazz 
Jazz written by Alain Gerber, read by Laurent Naouri et played by Manuel Rocheman
"Alain Gerber makes a strange exercise in his work as a biographer. He does not simply tell the life of the artists, but imagines the testimony they would give themselves or their loved ones. A jazzman of biographies, who dreams and improvises on the famous jazz standards made by the lives of Paul Desmond, Billie Holliday, Chet Baker and so many others. Four excerpts from these biographies and four songs to "unmask" them, as the great man would have said on the air". Laurent Naouri.
Laurent Naouri reads excerpts from four biographies of Alain Gerber: Paul Desmond and the female side of the world, Lady Day, Chet Baker and Louie. For Desmond, it is a moving evocation of his relationship to the woman and to the silhouette which haunts him, by Audrey Hepburn in the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. For Lady Day, it is the very moving account made by a bordello manager, of the suicide of one of his best clients on the evening of the black Thursday of October 1929. For Chet Baker, it is a meditation on beauty . For Louie, it is the story of a session of devotion to New Orleans in 1910. 
Manuel Rocheman plays the great standards of the jazz repertoire: Alice in Wonderland, Moonriver, Lush Life, You do not know what love is, That old black Magic ...

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Laurent NAOURI et Manuel ROCHEMAN