Serge Prokofiev : Imaginary songs

Guillaume de Chassy, piano, arrangements and music director 
Laurent Naouri, bass-baritone 
Thomas Savy, clarinets
Arnault Cuisinier, bass

Transcriptions and arrangements : Guillaume de Chassy.
Improvised variations by Guillaume de Chassy, Thomas Savy et Arnault Cuisinier

Pianist and arranger Guillaume de Chassy once had an genious idea : to create a whole set of melodies signed by Prokofiev ... that this composer having ever thought of it himself ! 
To do this, Guillaume de Chassy transcribed for the voice themes from Serge Prokofiev's major works ; then he adapted them with texts of great Russian poets. Amazing proposal that required great partners. 
The project includes high-performance improvisers such as clarinettist Thomas Savy and bassist Arnault Cuisinier and the fantastic voice of the great baritone Laurent Naouri. 
These "Imaginary songs" are at the crossroads of lyrical and jazz; a dive into a poetic and singular universe. 
Extracts from Hans Eisler's 'Hollywood Songbook' complete the program.

Laurent NAOURI et Guillaume de CHASSY - vidéos

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Laurent NAOURI et Guillaume de CHASSY