Jean-Philippe Audin, cello, arrangements et special projects
He helps the sun to shine. William Sheller, on J.P. Audin

First prize at the Conservatoire de Paris, Jean-Philippe Audin is a soloist who wish to share his love of music with everyone, initiated or general public, from Sir JE Gardiner to Johnny Hallyday, Didier Lockwood or Pierre Boulez.
Jean-Philippe Audin has played as a soloist or in chamber music in the most prestigious festivals: Aix-en-Provence, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Donaueschingen, Manaus, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Santiago... 
Jean-Philippe Audin plays the works of his "childhood friends" (Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, Dvorak ...). He re-reads the romantics and broadens his repertoire according to the most recent encounters: he was the first classical soloist to hold the stage of the Palais des Congrès for a week in a rock show. 
"He makes a sunny day by himself " said William Sheller. Jean-Philippe Audin was also the first classical music artist to hold more than a year in the charts with "Song of Ocarina", n°1 in the Top 50, and the album "Ocarina" was n°1 in the Top Album with more than 1 million copies. 
Jean-Philippe Audin pursues a career in the concert halls as well as in the studios for advertising, cinema and song.
Jean-Philippe Audin has repeatedly given the complete Bach Cello Suites. This program can be proposed in two concerts or on a two-part marathon evening. 

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